Allsorted provides helpful SOLUTIONS to retailers who need to buy a selection of suitable best selling books for their particular type of store - be that Garden Centres, Department Stores, Visitor Attractions, Zoo & Aquarium, Cathedrals & Abbeys, Farm Shops, Gift Shops, Card Shops or Toy Shops.


Allsorted intends to be unquestionably the best wholesaler distributor of gift books and kids books in the gift trade in the UK & Ireland. 

It’s all about providing you with a hassle-free way of growing your sales, and helping you to become more & more successful, by making books as valuable a part of your offer to your customers as possible.  Gift books and kids books can - in a surprisingly diverse range of retail environments – prove to be one of a retailers most important categories when measured in terms of pounds per square foot. 

At Allsorted we believe in books, and we believe that books make great gifts.  

Lincoln Exley 




Implicit in the name ‘Allsorted’ is that we intend to get everything right for you, first time, every time.

and if you ever do experience problems, then we get them sorted for you, quickly.

Yes, we are in the business of buying and selling books, but ultimately it’s all about the service we give. Allsorted does all our customer service from Watford, with a small team of 8.  We use a specialist computer software company that has built a state-of-the-art system especially for medium and large gift trade wholesalers, manufacturers and importers.  So, we generate orders, and these are sent electronically to the warehouse where they are picked, packed & despatched.  Interactions with our customers are handled by our head office team – invoices, delivery notes, credits, queries, meta data, payments etc.


... and what makes allsorted different? 

There are others whose offer includes some aspects of what we do, of course.  We believe we have put together a business model – with a value proposition – that is unique among the competition.  This won’t ‘fit’ with every prospective customer we meet with, though you might like to consider how you would benefit from: 

  •  Matching the RIGHT BOOKS to the RIGHT PLACE.  Most importantly you need to be sure you are at least considering all the titles that have proven to be BEST SELLERS in your type of retail store, and that you are keep you range fresh with NEWNESS.  This will INCREASE YOUR SALES.  We know that in the majority of retail environments too many bargain or promotional books cheapen the offer, and often, over time depress sales, so unlike some competitors, we ‘major’ on full price books great displays space-saving solutions for a gift book ‘concept’.
  • YOU CAN SAVE VALUABLE TIME. Consolidate some or all of your book buying to save you and your team valuable time. Just one meeting – one order – one invoice – one delivery – one payment…. and you are "Allsorted" with a great range of books!
  • DEDICATED SALES PEOPLE to help you find the BEST SOLUTIONS to your needs, and help fix any problems you currently have with book buying; de-risking the process of book buying. They are also able to assist with your merchandising should this be useful to you.
  • A convenient WEBSITE that shows you your order histories, and recommends best sellers from your ‘channel’ of retail store.
  • GREAT DISPLAYS – the best in the business – become yours, if you need them (The displays could be included in the price - free on loan).  Displaying books really well can be a challenge.  If you merchandise books really effectively, then your sales will grow.


 Allsorted is unusual – perhaps even unique among book wholesalers – in that we choose not to run our own warehouse.  We do this to focus as much energy as we can on the core areas of our business – which we see as buying and selling the right books and then matching them to the right customers.

We use a CONTRACT WAREHOUSE called Trade Counter Distribution, who are based in Suffolk, and who have:

  • over 60 years’ experience in distribution and logistics
  • experience built up from handling the distribution of other important gift clients such as SCUK UK, Luckies of London, Miles Kelly, Gifted etc.
  • a purpose-built 150,000 sq ft warehouse
  • semi-automated Packrobat packing lines, so our cartons are usually superbly packed, thereby reducing the frequency of in transit damages
  • a large ‘Rework’ team enabling us to offer bespoke packaging solutions – labeling, shrink-wrapping etc.
  • 99.96% picking accuracy

So, all this gives Allsorted flexibility, as we grow and expand, to take on new business without worrying that our warehouse will be too small.  (Or conversely, without the financial risk of taking on a big warehouse that is too big for purpose, only then to become a financial millstone.)  And on a day-to-day basis, we are better prepared to cope with the natural ebbs-and-flows of orders, so when we get a surprise wave of unexpected orders we are better placed to cope with this surge in demand.


 Is there a good ‘fit’ between what you need, and Allsorted? 

 Would you like to fix a short Introductory meeting?   

Would you like to find out more about:  

  • how we do books differently?
  • how could you increase your sales?
  • how could you save some valuable time?
  • how could you take some risk out of book buying?

If you choose to then please contact our customer relations team  so we can arrange a suitable time for you to meet with your local sales manager.


Please call our CUSTOMER RELATIONS TEAM on 01923 936801 Or email

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