Would you sell even more books if only you knew which ones were the proven bestsellers in Zoos and/or in Aquarium?

Choosing a best selling range of kids books, and keeping them in stock, when they come from so many different publishers, might prove a difficult problem to solve.  ·

In 2023 Allsorted supplied books to 42 different zoos and aquarium across the UK & Ireland, including most of the very large ones.  We help by crafting a right-sized selection - often titles that are tried and tested in other zoos and/or aquarium - to maximise their sales.  Then, we sprinkle in some special titles that connect to the particular animals that are especially important or unique to a zoo, and so match the right books to the right place.

Every zoo and aquarium we have supplied has been delighted with sales growth posted.  (We would be happy to provide references for you, on request, to back this bold statement up.)   

Of course books are important in a zoo and aquarium not just because they prove to be a fabulous incremental revenue stream, but because the educational and conservation messages in a good book that fits so neatly with the mission of helping to save our environment and all the amazing creatures that inhabit the planet. 

Gift buyers at Zoos & Aquarium come to us when:

  • They want to save time buying – you too can consolidate some or all of your buying with Allsorted rather than placing orders with multiple publishers (Allsorted regularly meet with over 50 publishers’ representatives, so that you don’t have to).
  • They want to reduce the administrative burden for themselves, and their team.  One order, one delivery, one invoice, one payment… that all saves valuable time. 
  • Some no longer have an appetite for the diet of cheap & nasty bargain books that their current supplier may try to feed into their lovely gift shop.
  • They want to be sure they have proven, full price bestsellers in stock all the time that have been successful in similar retail environments. 
  • They would like the support of a dedicated sales person who will come out to visit regularly, and will help by suggesting specific titles that may be perfectly suited for that specific retail environment.  This will help grow your sales.
  • They realise that Allsorted provides display fixturing – included in the price of your books free on loan - to help merchandise your book selection, solving the problem of how to display them to best effect! 

 Allsorted will help you to become more & more successfully with your book offer!

You may wish to speak to our Zoo & Aquarium "Champion" Peter Beecroft who drives Allsorted development in Zoos & Aquariums on

07713 507082

or email



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