Welcome to Allsorted

Allsorted is a wholesaler and distributor of gift books, kids books and beautiful stationery, supplying businesses
throughout the UK and Ireland. 

If you require login details to order online please contact: 

Scott: 01923 936801 - Daniel: 01923 936804
or email customerservice@allsorteduk.com


Allsorted has a sales team of representatives covering UK and Ireland.
Would you like ask questions and see how & if we can help you to be even more successful with your gift book offer: 

  • can we help to increase your sales? 
  • would you save time or fix some problems consolidating some of your buying with us? 
  • could you benefit from best book displays and fixturing in the business? 
  • how might working with Allsorted help de-risk your business? 
  • get some help matching the right books to the ‘right place’!

If so, please call Daniel 01923 936804 or Scott: 01923 936801 or Esther 01923 936800
or send an email to customerservice@allsorteduk.com

Solutions for 
Department Stores

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