Department Stores choose Allsorted when they realise that Allsorted understands which books they are most likely to be able to sell well.

Allsorted supplies two of the leading department store groups, and a significant percentage of independent department stores. 

The right books – especially for gifting – can be such an ideal choice and natural ‘fit’ for department stores.  Books have values that compliment so many of the adjacent products.  They can be so many things: up-to-date and relevant, so they get noticed; artistically inspiring, speaking to ‘lifestyle’; thought-provoking, so life-enhancing; thoughtful, for gifting; exceptionally good value.

Furthermore some books have clearly been ‘designed’ to be given-as-a-gift, in ways that are difficult to match.  They can be the answer to the motive behind what drives a gift buyer’s choices: to express love; to show sentiment & affection; as a little token of appreciation; a special keepsake; to honour a special occasion such as wedding, baby, milestone birthday; very often simply to fix the problem of having to mark an occasion like Father’s Day or Christmas with a present. The recipient of a gift book may even keep a thoughtful or thought-provoking good book for a lifetime, so that is why we believe books make great gifts.

Experience shows department stores can successfully sell books in a number of different ways and in a number of different departments.

Gift books are a product that naturally ‘fits’ into the Gift Department, (sometimes perhaps best merchandised from two or three of our ‘gondola’ fixtures and or pyramid-shaped tables). 

Books with sentiment and for special occasions sell well when placed alongside your greeting card display; it’s a natural ‘adjacency’ (often sold from our wooden spinners).

Children’s books for the Toy Department; the fact that they can contribute in many ways both to childhood development and shared family experiences through reading together means they will be much appreciated by parents and grandparents alike.

Books for cooks are often sold most effectively when cross-merchandised throughout the Cookshop.

Eccolo is a range of notebooks and stationery – that’s only available from Allsorted – and would grace every Stationery Department.

Department Store Buyers come to us when: 

  • They want support from our national team of sales people.  They can call on a pre-agreed visit cycle – either a ‘light-touch’ for business reviews or perhaps much more regular merchandising visits too.  Whatever it takes to ensure the correct level of stock is on show to meet your sales potential and growth objectives.
  • They know that Allsorted can provide first class display fixturing (these could be included in your trading package) that helps solve the problem of how to merchandise books to the best effect!
  • They want to reduce the administrative burden for themselves, and their team.  One order, one delivery, one invoice, one payment… that all saves valuable time. A one-stop-shop for their book offer.
  • They want to be sure they have access to a wide range of proven bestsellers from lots of different publishers that have been successful in other similar stores.
  • Because they realise there some strong selling titles and some strong brands are ONLY AVAILABLE FROM ALLSORTED; we are the exclusive distributor of these products, including Helen Exley Giftbooks (arguably the biggest specialist publisher of gift books, having sold over 130 million books worldwide), and Eccolo, a lovely range of stationery from the States.
  • They see that Allsorted will spend a lot of time and effort getting children’s books right for their customers.
  • Customers who have high expectations of this category when shopping with you because good kid’s books contribute in many ways to childhood development and shared family experiences through reading together.
  • They know Allsorted likes to focus on top-quality, well-loved books, and to add new and innovative titles when published, so as to maintain interest for young and old alike.

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