Could you save time & trouble - and sell even more books - if you choose to consolidate more of your buying with Allsorted?

Allsorted is now making visitor attractions and tourist destinations a speciality, supplying a number of hugely diverse – and very different – types of gift stores in museums, galleries, science & technology attractions, steam railways, country parks & gardens, leisure & theme parks, visitor centres.

The people we help benefit from this diversity because it gives us an across-the-board and panoramic view of which book selections generally tend to work best for visitor attractions.  And as we gradually work with more and more retailers within a specific type of attraction, experience shows us how, when there is a growing understanding that what sells really well in one attraction, then this can carefully be mapped across to similar (or somewhat similar) attractions.

Because of this understanding Allsorted is fast-developing a much deeper knowledge of what sells than other book suppliers. This all helps us to help you to curate a selection of good books for what your visitors want.  Just a few extra well-chosen best-selling books can sometimes make all the difference to your sales results.

So Allsorted is now well-positioned to help you to craft a right-sized selection of titles that have been tried & tested, helping you maximise your sales. 

 Be sure to make the most of your gift books and children’s books to help maximise your revenue streams with the perfect product for education, entertainment and or gifting.

Buyers in Visitor Attractions do come to us when:

  • They want to save time buying – you too can consolidate some or all of your buying with Allsorted rather than placing orders with multiple publishers.  (Allsorted regularly meet with over 50 publishers’ representatives, so that you don’t have to).
  • They want to reduce the administrative burden for themselves, and their team.  One order, one delivery, one invoice, one payment… that all saves valuable time.
  • They would like the support of a dedicated sales person who will come out to visit regularly, and will help by suggesting specific titles that might be perfectly suited, ultimately resulting in a measurable improvement in sales.
  • Occasionally, they have realised that Allsorted provides display fixturing included in the price of the books (supplied on a free-on-loan basis). This fixes a problem they may have in merchandising and selling books on specifically designed display units.
  • They conclude that choosing a best-selling range, and keeping them in stock, when they come from so many different publishers & suppliers, really is a time-consuming challenge, and that Allsorted is a ‘solution’ that can help with some or all of this.

Some small and larger visitor attractions alike – perhaps with book selections that run to a few dozen titles to a few hundred titles – choose to consolidate all (or almost all) their buying with Allsorted because it’s a quick & easy way to buy all the books needed.  A one-stop-shop solution. 

 Some larger visitor attractions – with perhaps ranging thousands of titles in a specialist book shop – choose Allsorted because they want us to help consolidate buying with some smaller publishers – and/or - consolidate all those publishers that give them below-average discounts – and/or - consolidate those larger publishers who have a ‘special sales’ department that simply don’t help them properly – or because we have some titles that are ONLY AVAILABLE FROM Allsorted.

You may wish to speak to our Tourist Attraction "Champion" Peter Beecroft who drives Allsorted development in Tourist Attractions on

07713 507082

or email

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